Makeblock 36mm Encoder DC Motor Pack Motor & Driver & Halterung

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What Is 36mm Encoder DC Motor Pack?

36mm Encoder DC Motor Pack includes two encoder motors, one encoder motor driver and various brackets and cables. It is designed to drive all kinds of transmission devices with precise control over the speed and movement.

Features of the Encoder Motors

Control the speed and the movement of the motor precisely;

Comes with overload protection;

Can be connected with encoder motor driver easily by using the 6P encoder motor cable.


Features of the Encoder Motor Driver

Comes with over-current protection and anti-reverse measurement;

Support using graphical programming software mBlock;

Support dual-way motors;

Can be connected with mainboard through RJ25 cable;

Comes with pin interface, which supports connecting with Arduino boards.

How to Use This Pack?

Two encoder motors can be connected with the driver in this pack by using the 6P motor cable. You can control the diver through programming on the computer or connect it with Makeblock Orion mainboard via RJ25 cable.


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