MQ-5 LPG Methane Natural Propane Methane Butane

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Product Name Gas Sensor Module
Model MQ-5
Type Analog
Detecting Type Natural Gas Methane
Rated Voltage DC 5V
Detecting Range 300-10000ppm
Pin Quantity 4
Pin Spacing 1.8mm/ 0.07"
Pin Definition
AO-analog Output
O-Digital Output
GND- Ground
VCC-Voltage To Current Converter
Total Size 35 x 20 x 21mm/ 1.4" x 0.79" x 0.83" (L*W*H)
Material Plastic, Electronic Part
Net Weight 7g

Analog type, DC 5V rated voltage,300-10000ppm Detecting Range, high sensitivity to Combustible gas in wide range.
The gas sensor are suitable for detecting Ammonia, Aromatic Compound, Sulfide concentrations in the air.It is able to give alarms when those gas leaks. You can adjust the sensitivity with the potentiometer.

1 x MQ-5 Gas Sensor Module

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