M24LR-DISCOVERY Discovery kit for M24LR04E Dual Interface EEPROM with energy harvesting

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M24LR-DISCOVERY is a ready-to-use kit which features the M24LR04E-R Dual Interface EEPROM IC. It addresses a wide range of applications such as industrial or medical equipment and consumer electronics. This kit contains 2 different boards, as shown in the figure on cover page.

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The M24LR-DISCOVERY kit helps you evaluate the M24LRXX-E Dual Interface EEPROM that features an energy harvesting analog output, as well as a user-configurable digital output. 

The M24LR-DISCOVERY kit is delivered with a battery-less M24LR board that can be powered by RFID readers or NFC phones supporting the ISO/IEC15693 protocol. It is based on an M24LR04E-R I²C - ISO/IEC15693 Dual Interface EEPROM, an 8-bit STM8L152C6T6 ultralow power microcontroller, and includes an STTS751 temperature sensor, a 24-segment LCD, and 2 push buttons.

The M24LR-DISCOVERY kit also comes with an USB RF transceiver demonstration board that includes the CR95HF 13.56-MHz multi-protocol contactless transceiver. It is based on a 32-bit, STM32F103CBT6 performance line microcontroller and is connected to a computer host via its USB connector.

Key Features

  • M24LR board
    • M24LR04E-R, a 4-Kbit EEPROM with an I²C-ISO/IEC 15693 dual interface and an 
      energy harvesting analog output (Vout pin) and a user-configurable digital output (RF 
      Write-in-progress or Busy pin) in an SO8N package
    • 9-turn, 13.56-MHz etched antenna (20mm x 40mm) for RF powering and 
    • STM8L152C6T6, 8-bit ultralow power microcontroller with up to 32 Kbytes of Flash 
      memory, 2 Kbytes of RAM, and 1 Kbyte of Data EEPROM in a 48-pin LQFP package
    • STTS751 I²C low power temperature sensor
    • 28-pin LCD on DIP24 socket (24 segments, 4 commons)
    • Two push buttons (User and Reset)
    • 4-pin connector (CN1) for STM8L programming and debug (SWIM)
  • RF transceiver board
    • CR95HF, a 13.56-MHz multi-protocol contactless transceiver IC with SPI and UART 
      serial access communication
    • 2-turn, 13.56-MHz etched loop antenna (47mm x 34 mm) with associated tuning circuit 
      and lowpass filter
    • STM32F103CBT6, a 32-bit microcontroller with 128 Kbytes of Flash memory and USB 
      interface in a 48-pin LQFP package
    • USB connector
    • 20-pin JTAG connector for STM32 programming and debugging
    • 1 push button (Reset)

What's Onboard

M24LR board
M24LR BOARD what's onboard
RF transceiver board
RF transceiver board what's onboard

Design Support

For Technical Documentation, Software & Development Tools, view the M24LR-DISCOVERY official page on www.st.com to get more information:https://www.st.com/web/catalog/tools/FM116/SC1444/PF253360

Package Contains

  1. M24LR-DISCOVERY × 1

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