Keyestudio CAN-BUS Shield MCP2551 chip With SD Socket For Arduino UNO R3

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It uses the MCP2515 chip as the CAN controller; MCP2551 chip as the transceiver.

The shield can connect the Arduino to the on-board diagnostic system via a standard 9pin serial port OBD-II cable . It is the best choice for CAN applications.

The shield also has an SD card holder, serial LCD connector and an EM406 GPS module connector,  making it ideal for data logging applications.

It also comes with a reset button that can send and receive standard data frames and remote frames.

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keyestudio CAN-BUS Shield is particularly designed for Arduino controllers.
The onboard BUS control chip can realize the data control on the CAN bus to realize data communication between devices.
It is compatible with the Arduino UNO standard interface; can be perfectly adapted to the main control boards such as Arduino UNO and Leonardo.As shown below.

The shield provides a DB9 connector, so you can choose the interface according to your needs.
It also comes with MicroSD card slot, so you can directly insert MicroSD card to store data.
A variety of expansion interfaces allow users to get more convenience in the DIY process.

Technical Parameters

  • Operating voltage: DC5V
  • Chip: MCP2515
  • Dimensions: 66mm*54mm*28mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Environmental attribute: ROHS


  • Support standard frame, extended frame of transmission and reception; support two receiving methods: Polling and interrupt
  • Provide various interfaces, such as uart, I2C, DB9 connector, etc.
  • Support SD card data storage
  • Support power supply via Arduino motherboard or DB9 connector

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