ISD1700 Series Voice Record Play ISD1760 Module

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ISD1700 voice module is quickly become familiar with and master the ISD1700 series chips designed for a simple and practical circuit board.

It applies to all ISD1700 series chip, with a simple, fully functional characteristics. Recording chip ISD1700 series is a highly integrated, high-performance chips. It can be multi-segment recording, sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K to 12K, the power supply can range from 2.4V to 5.5V.

ISD1700 there was the new recording prompts, when a new recording after, LED back flash once every few seconds to alert users to new recordings. In addition there are four kinds of sound to prompt the user's operating results, such as start recording, stop recording, erase, erase all the next one and so on. Recording data is stored in the FLASH chip, without any compression, so there is a better sound quality and power storage.

Chip has two independent audio signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal inputs. In independent key mode, when the operation is completed, a functional chip will automatically enter power-down mode to reduce power consumption.

In SPI mode, the user can do more functions on the chip operation. If any memory address for playback on the analog channel configuration register (Analog PathConfiguration register, APC) for reading and writing.


  • Size: 5CMx5.5CM
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Recording time: 6K at 75 seconds, 8K for 60 seconds
  • Operating frequency 6KHZ and 8KHZ optional
  • With power indicator light, the chip indicator lights
  • Simple operation, no microcontroller or other modules will be able to work directly
  • chip control pin is already leads to facilitate the control connection.

ISD1700 modules work independently instructions for use (KEYS)

  1. Recording REC:
    • Press and hold the REC key while LED lights up, this time facing the MIC to speak, the content of speech will be recorded into the ISD1700 voice chip in it.
    • After recording after a period raised the key, LED will also go out and press again to start recording the second paragraph, the subsequent paragraphs were operating.
  2. Playback PLAY:
    • There are two ways, edge-triggered and level-triggered. (Note: After recording tone playback pointer will remain in the final finished recording segment start address, then playback will put the last paragraph)
    • Edge: Click the PLAY button that put the current segment LED flashes during playback until the end of playback off. Playback after playback pointer to the beginning of the segment just put the address, click the PLAY button again will put just finished this release.
    • Level Trigger: the chip will often press the PLAY button all Play all voice messages, and the cycle until you release the button.
  3. Fast forward FWD:
    • Playback operation performed before, tap this button playback pointer will point to the next section, double-click the starting point to the second paragraph after paragraph. Click this button during playback to stop playback of the current segment and then play the next paragraph, if you are currently playing the last paragraph, the last paragraph playback to stop playback first paragraph.
    • Single-segment erase operation can only be effective the first and last paragraph, when the playback pointer is the first or the last paragraph, the point of this key will erase the first or the last paragraph. Playback will jump to the corresponding pointer in the second paragraph before erasing or penultimate paragraph. Press this button more than 3 seconds often chips into the "All Erase operation mode" while the LED flashes twice, continue pressing this key, LED 7 flashes off, then release the button, the chip inside the voice message is All erased.
  5. Reset RESET:
    • Click this button chip reset operation is performed. After reset, play and record pointer points to the last paragraph, which the playback pointer to the last paragraph of the initial recording pointer to the last paragraph of the last. Run the playback is played the last paragraph, the last paragraph and then perform recording then start recording new last paragraph.
  6. Tuning VOL:
    • Click this button to adjust the size of the chip output sound. The default maximum output sound chip, each click, the sound attenuation by 4db. Until the smallest sound, continue to click this button, each click, the sound increases 4db (Note: Perform reset, the sound output is the maximum).
  7. FT passthrough operations:
    • The FT pin with GND, continued to maintain a low level will start passthrough mode. Direct action will voice from the speaker or directly to end Analn AUD output. During recording, if you press the FT, will also record the incoming voice signal Analn


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Das Soundmodul basiert auf dem ISD 1760PY.
Das Layout ist sehr übersichtlich und gut lesbar.
Die Bedienung ist trotz fehlender Anleitung durch den Layoutaufdruck leicht erlernbar. Der Modulhersteller stellt ein englisches Datenblatt zur Verfügung.
Die Aufzeichnung kann sowohl über das eingebaute Mikrofon oder durch den Analogeingang (über Stiftleiste) erfolgen.
Der Preis ist ok.
Ein Eigenbau zu diesem Preis ist kaum möglich.

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