Yamaichi IC51-0804-795 IC Test & Burn-in Socket for QFP80 TQFP80 FQFP80 PQFP80 package

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Yamaichi IC Test & Burn-in Socket, for QFP80/TQFP80/FQFP80/PQFP80 package


  • High quality and durable
  • Tested before shipping
  • Easy to use

Applicable Devices

  • Package
    • QFP80
    • TQFP80
    • FQFP80
    • PQFP80
  • Pitch: 0.65mm

Socket PN

  • IC51-0804-795


Outline and Dimensions Unit: mm

Part NumberPitchPinsApplicable IC Dimensions (REF.)Outside Dimensions (REF.)
A x BC x DEFG x H
IC51-0804-7950.658014 × 1416 × 1615.3-37.0 × 41

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