Full color RGB matrix Driver Board for 8x8 LED RGB Dot Matrix Display Module Arduino

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Full-color RGB matrix driver board is a dedicated full-color RGB matrix designed a Arduino control board module, which in addition to RGB matrix independently driven, but also can be used as an Arduino control panel to use. Very convenient and practical, on-board chip is ATmega 328 chip, board above also raises the ISP interface, you can always give 328 chip burning bootloader. The disadvantage is that unlike other Arduino Uno board, have no leads to the corresponding I / 0 I came out, but leads to a number of IIC interface and power supply interface.

Product Specifications:

  • 6 bit color support
  • Support for hardware 16MHZ PWM
  • No external circuitry
  • Dedicated GPIO and ADC Interface
  • Support for hardware URAT and IIC communication
  • 24 -channel constant current channel current up to 100mA per channel
  • 8 -channel constant current source driver current up to 500mA per channel
  • Power Supply: 5-5.3V
  • Current: Max 300mA
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 °C ~ +50 °C

Hardware Features:

  • Support for multiple cascaded without hardware setup
  • RGB color display and supports three kinds of mixed colors
  • Dot sequence using Cartesian coordinate system , easy to understand
  • Arduino development board supporting separate power supply or an external power supply
  • When multiple cascading use , if the color is too dark , the supply voltage can be increased to about 5.2v. Do not exceed 5.4V
  • When multiple cascading , all data lines connected to the 1st sub- board. ( The origin ( 0,0 ) where the sub-board for the 1st sub-board )

Shipping Content:

1x Full-Color 8x8 RGB matrix driver board compatible with Arduino (No Dot Matrix)


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