ESP8266 WIFI Motor Drive Expansion Board L293D for ESP12E

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das Board ist das erst Expansion Board zur Motor betreiben basiert auf ESP-12E. Das Board ist nur ein Expansion Board ohne Modul ESP-12E.

Technische Daten:

Motor power supply (VM): 4.5V ~ 36V, can be powered separately
Control power (VIN): 4.5V ~ 9V (10VMAX), can be powered separately
Module provides short-circuit sub (short the VM and VIN), you can easily use one power (must 4.5V ~ 9V) while completing motor drive and control
Logic Operating current Iss: =60mA (Vi = L), =22mA (Vi = H)
Drive part of the work current Io: =1.2A
Maximum power dissipation: 4W (T = 90 °C)
Control signal input level: High: 2.3V=VIH=VIN; Low: -0.3V=VIL=1.5V
Working temperature: -25  °C~ + 125  °C
Drive Type: Dual high-power H-bridge driver
ESP12E Dev Kit Control Port: D1, D3 (A motor); D2, D4 (B motor)
Expand two-way motor-driven, two-way direct drive motor
Onboard power switch
Motor power, control power separation; In the experiment, by short-circuiting block the merger, the VIN and VM short, while power to the motor and the control board


When inserted into the ESP-12E module, please note the direction consistent with an expansion board antenna
The use of short modules that can simultaneously control board and motor.


1 x ESP8266 WIFI Motor Drive Expansion Board L293D

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