Dual Stepper Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board for Arduino 4-wire 2-phase

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This is a tailor-made for the 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor driver, use is very fluent easydriver program by simply IO ports and PWM control to control the stepper motor.

Dual stepper motor drive expansion board can drive two stepper motors through simultaneously. It can use the 4.75V ~ 30V power supply. It can provide high-precision control of CNC milling machine.

Stepper motor driver chip it uses the same EasyDriver, so you can use it as two EasyDriver modules on the board. All pins lead to electronic building blocks 3PIN / Sensor Interface blocks.

  • It provides two stepper motor driver, convenient two-axis CNC programs.
  • Operating level or compatible 3.3v and 5V, by dial selector switch, to facilitate compatible leaf maple, Chipkit other control board.
  • Providing a plurality of electronic building blocks interface to facilitate quick access to various types of electronic building block module, the Add button, LED display or a relay switch.
  • Set the drive mode - drive mode can be set via jumper. Drive current by selecting the potentiometer adjustment, two separate adjustment.
  • Section provides wiring terminals and pin 2 types, easy to use in different situations.

Example of Use:

  • Dual Stepper Motor Driver Shield + Uno R3

Shipping content:

1 x 2-way Stepper motor drive shield

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