CSR8645 low Power 4.0 Bluetooth Stereo Audio Module support APTx high-quality speaker

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1. Total of 6 function keys: POWER-EN, PLAY, VOL+, VOL-, PREV, NEXT.
The key function is introduced as follows:
POWER-EN: the switch control module when the switch, the toggle switch, when the POWER-EN is connected toBAT, module startup;
When POWER-EN disconnect BAT, module shutdown, usually used when battery power.
Adopting the module electrically powered, only the 10K POWER-EN series resistor connected to BAT, can realize the module electrically powered, usually used in the external power supply.
PLAY: play / pause (short press), with the hang up (by a long, time slightly longer), re pairing (long press)
VOL+: volume plus
VOL-: the volume reduction
NEXT: the next song

2. LED: the match state, double flashing alternately, paired, single lamp flicker;
3. USB card function (for USB sound card function please specify);
4. AUX-IN switching function;
5. 3.2V low battery alarm, automatic shutdown (3.0V, the realization of the AMS1117 power supply);
6. the maximum charge current is set to 250MA, full of the light out, lit another lamp (personal recommendations with charging module, fast);
7. no connection has been in a match;
8. can also connect the 2 Mobile phone;
9. EN audio amplifier control pin, when in the silent, after a period of time, the output low; when playing, the output high level (1.8V).

Pins Definition:

1 LED2: status indicator (not enabled)
2 LED1: status indicator
3 LED0: status indicator
4 AIO0: not enabled
5 MISO: Port for program burned into
6 CSB: Port for program burned into
7 CLK: Port for program burned into
8 MOSI: Port for program burned into
9 SPI_EN: program burned into enable pin port (high enable)
10 TX: serial TX (not enabled)
11 RX: serial RX (not enabled)
12 VBUS: 5V input charging port
13 RST #: low reset
14 BAT: power input (3.3 ~ 4.2V)
15 POWER_EN: module enable control, active high (power must delay 30ms)
16 1.8V: 1.8V output
17 GND: Power Ground
18 CHG_EXT: External Battery Charger
19 BAT_SENSE: External Battery Charger
20 PIO10: not enabled
21 PIO11: not enabled
22 PIO12: not enabled
23 PIO13: not enabled
24 USB_N: USB differential signal negative
25 USB_P: USB differential signal positive
26 MUTE: (PIO9) Mute Control (Mute, after a period of time is low)
27 PIO6: not enabled
28 P.P / CALL: (PIO7) Play / Pause / receive calls / back / re-pairing
29 PIO8: not enabled
30 PREV: (PIO18) on a
31 NEXT: (PIO19) under a
32 VOL-: (PIO20) Volume down
33 VOL+: (PIO21) volume increases
34 MIC_BIAS: Mike bias voltage
35 MIC_AN: Mike 1 negative terminal
36 MIC_AP: Mike positive terminal 1
37 MIC_BN: Mike 2 negative terminal (not enabled)
38 MIC_BP: Mike 2 positive terminal (not enabled)
39 SPK_R_N1: Audio right differential output negative terminal
40 SPK_R_P1: Audio right differential output positive terminal
41 SPK_L_N1: Audio left negative differential output terminal
42 SPK_L_P1: Audio left channel positive differential output terminal
43 RFOUT: antenna (default built-in antenna, external disconnect)


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1xCSR8645 low Power Bluetooth Audio Module 4,0 support APTx high-quality speaker

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