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Microduino-Light-D1 is a digital light sensor module, which can detect the light intensity. 

  • Adopt TSL2561 light sensor, which has optional address;
  • With high accuracy and high sensitivity;
  • With low consumption, long service life and good stability;
  • With wide working voltage;
  • With small size which is easy to install.


  • Voltage
    • 3.3V~5V working voltage
  • Size of the sensor
      • Size of the board: 23.5mm*13mm
      • 1.27mm-spacing 4Pin interface connected with sensorhub
  • Technical parameters
    • Programmable interrupt of which the user can define the upper limit and lower limit values;
    • 6-bit digital output, and the fast mode working at 400khz;
    • Programmable analog gain and integral time;
    • Automatically reject 50/60-Hz lighting;
    • Low active power (0.75 mW typical)and power down mode;
    • Conform to RoHS;
    • Measurement unit: light intensity lux;
  • Connection
    • This sensor can be connected to the interface I2C of the core module.


User Guide


1x Microduino Light sensor Digital

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