Audiowell Smart Atomizer for Humidifier Electric Fireplace Ultrasonic Atomization Compact Size Anti-Dry Protection UM0108

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The Ultrasonic Digital Atomizer UM0108 is an intelligent ultrasonic atomization device which integrates the atomizing transducer and circuit board. Compared to the traditional atomizer which has separate circuit and transducer, it features compact size, low power consumption and low heat. Unlike the traditional one with analog signal control, it is controlled by digital signal, thereby facilitating the development of extensional functions such as APP control, bluetooth connection, controlled lighting, etc. to intelligentize the whole device.


  • Integrated transducer+circuit design and compact size

  • High conversion efficiency, low power consumption and heat

  • Built-in water level detection for anti-dry protection

  • Digital signal control, easy extension development
  • Power: DC 24±0.3V/1A
  • Working Current(max): 0.77±0.07A
  • Maximum Current Output: ≥1A
  • Transducer Frequency: 1.7±0.05MHz
  • Atomization Amount: 250-350mL/h
  • Best Working Water Level: 35mm
  • Working Temperature: 35±20â??
  • Lifetime: ≥8000H

Package includes:

1x Audiowell Ultrasonic Digital Atomizer UM0108

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