Eckstein Affiliate - How to Use Your Electron Project To Make Money1>

If you want to do successful Affiliate Marketing, you have to talk about something you truly LOVE.

I'm pretty sure that electron projects and dev boards are yours truly love.

Things will become simple......

From 1/1/2022, Eckstein officially open Affiliate service, let's use your projects to help you make money.

From now on, everyone have a chance to be Eckstein's Partner, we have a simple way: Commissions & Sales in Affiliate Marketing

1. Make sure you have a nice project of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, ESP32/ESP8266 and so on.

2. Get an Eckstein account at

3. Contact Eckstein affiliate service Email: [email protected] and tell us the details of your project and your upload channels ( like YouTube, Reddit, Facebook) .

4. If your application is approved, based on the information you provide, we will give you a program fee rates and a marketing url.

5. If somebody use your own marketing url visit our website and shopping, you will get your income (fee rates*customer purchase order amount) after 30 days (Affiliate incomes does not include shipping costs) , of course you can also see your incomes and your customers on


For example, if your marketing url is: ?arduino=1, and you want recommend this product:

You can take the marketing url after product url, like this:

Anybody click this url, he will be your customer, and all his purchases you will get your income.

Yes, you will have all the proportional incomes if your customers' multiple purchases.

Sorry about that, if your customer cancel order or refund, you will not be get incomes of that part.