Adafruit Wireless FONA 800 Shield - Voice Data Cellular GSM for Arduino

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Adafruit FONA 800 Shield, an adorable all-in-one cellular phone shield that lets you add voice, text, SMS and data to your project in an easy to use pluggable shield.

This shield fits on top of any classic Arduino or compatible, and packs a surprising amount of technology into it's little frame. At the heart is a GSM cellular module (we use the latest SIM800) the size of a postage stamp. This module can do just about everything. 

Technical Details of 800 Shield Cellular

  • 53mm x 69mm x 7mm / 2.1" x 2.7" x 0.3"
  • Weight: 17g
  • Onboard LiPoly battery charging circuitry so you can take your project on the go. Use any 500mAh+ LiPoly or LiIon battery and recharge via the Arduino when necessary. Two LEDs let you know when its charging and done. You can then flip the switch and use the battery to run your circuit!
  • Standard 4-pole TRRS headphone jack. Use any 'Android' or 'iPhone'-compatible headset with mic
  • Breakouts for external 8O speaker and electret mic if you don't want to use a headphone
  • Level shifting circuitry to make it Arduino-safe
  • Vibrational motor (buzzer) driver so you can have noiseless notifications
  • uFL connection for external antenna
  • Indicator LEDs for power and network connectivity
  • Any standard 2G SIM slides into a secure connector
  • PWM/Buzzer vibrational motor control
  • AT command interface with "auto baud" detection

Technical Details of SIM800H

  • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz - connect onto any global GSM network with any 2G SIM (in the USA, T-Mobile is suggested)
  • Make and receive voice calls using a headset OR an external 8O speaker + electret microphone
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Send and receive GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Scan and receive FM radio broadcasts

You can also cheek our "Dokumente" for more information

Package List:

1x Adafruit FONA 800 Shield - Voice/Data Cellular GSM for Arduino



Fritzing object in the Adafruit Fritzing Library

EagleCAD PCB files on GitHub

SIM800HL Schematic and PCB Reference Design

SIM800H GCF I13GC9551_RSE-E Report

SIM800H CE Certificate

SIM800H CTTL + GCF Test Report

I14Z46950-GPM01 Test Report

SIM800H PTCRB Test Report

SIM800H RoHS Test Report

SIM800H REACH Test Report

SIM800H GCF I13GC9551 Test Report

SIM800H FCC PCB Grant Final

SIM800H FCC DSS Grant Final

SIM800H CE EMC Test Report

SIM800H CE RF-BT Test Report

SIM800H CE RF-GSM Test Report

SIM800H SAFETY Test Report

SIM800H EPL Certificate


R&TTE Statement of Opinion

FCC Part 15B Test Report

FCC Part 15C Test Report

FCC RF Test Report



SIM800 Command Manual

SIM800 Hardware Design

SIM800 Sleep App Note

SIM800 Embedded AT App Note

SIM800 Compiling Environments

SIM800 Bluetooth App Note

SIM800 FM App Note

SIM800 FS App Note

SIM800 GNSS Location App Note

SIM800 GSM Location App Note

SIM800 IP App Note

SIM800 MMS App Note

SIM800 Multiplexer App Note

SIM800 NTP App Note

SIM800 PCM App Note

SIM800 Software Upgrade App Note

SIM800 SSL App Note

SIM800 STK App Note

SIM800 TCPIP App Note

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