Adafruit Touch screen breakout board (0.5mm FPC)

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If you've got a resistive touch screen that you'd like to use, you'll need this breakout! It has a fine pitch (0.5mm) connector soldered onto it and it's broken out into the 4 resistive wires of the panel.

A petite 0.5"x0.5" (12.5mm x 12.5mm) with two mounting holes as well, that you can use for strain relief. Works perfectly with our 3.2" touch screen

We don't have a detailed tutorial yet but we do have great example Arduino library code that shows how to get readings, debounce, and read the pressure from any touch screen (so you can detect when its being touched and how hard) The code is not complex and is easily ported to other microcontrollers.

Technical Details


  • Length: 12.97mm/0.5in
  • Width: 12.97mm/0.5in
  • Height: 3.81mm/0.15in
  • Weight: 0.57g/0.02oz

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