Adafruit Toggle Clamp - Medium Flip-up Style

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*Ka-thunk* Pin down that little PCB with our Toggle Clamp, a sturdy and reliable way to quickly press and release with precision! A pogo-pin bed is a great way to connect and test boards without any soldering, but you have to somehow get that PCB aligned right and evenly pressed down on each pogo. After much experimenting, we settled on this toggle clamp and we use it all the time in our testing processes.

This beauty is strong enough to grip onto a PCB, but the rounded rubber tip ensures it won't mar or damage any circuits. You'll need to bolt it securely, then attach the rubber nub with the included hex nuts. The height of the nub can be adjusted, as can the location along the clamp.

This is the small-size flip-up type toggle clamp.  Click here for the larger size or here for the flip-down type.


Weight: 60g / 0.13 lbs

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