Adafruit Sensiron SHT31-D Temperature & Humidity Sensor Breakout

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Sensirion Temperature/Humidity sensors are some of the finest & highest-accuracy devices you can get. And, finally we have some that have a true I2C interface for easy reading. The SHT31-D sensor has an excellent ±2% relative humidity and ±0.3°C accuracy for most uses. We now use the version with a PTFE filter, it'll stay clean while still allowing humidity measurements to work

Unlike earlier SHT sensors, this sensor has a true I2C interface, and (bonus!) even with two address options. It also is 3V or 5V compliant, so you can power and communicate with it using just about any microcontroller or microcomputer.

Such a lovely chip - so we spun up a breakout board with the SHT31-D and some supporting circuitry such as pullup resistors and capacitors. Each order comes with one fully assembled and tested PCB breakout and a small piece of header. You'll need to solder the header onto the PCB but it's fairly easy and takes only a few minutes even for a beginner.

Check out the tutorial for pinouts, assembly, wiring & tests, and more!

Technical Details

  • Uses I2C address 0x44 or 0x45
  • 12.7mm x 18mm x 2.6mm / 0.5" x 0.7" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.8g
  • Datasheet, schematic, EagleCAD PCB files, and Fritzing available in the product tutorial

Revision History

  • As of June 6, 2017 we're using the version of the sensor with a PTFE filter.

Package Content

1 x Adafruit Sensirion SHT31-D - Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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5 von 5 Präzisions Temperatur- + Feuchtesensor

Ich habe erstamals die Adafruit SHT31-D verwendet, die eindeutig besser sind als die Standard China Ware. Die Reaktion bei Temperatur oder Feuchtigkeitsmessung sind sehr schnell und absolut präzise. Von 5 Stück Adafruit SHT31-D Sensoren, habe ich bei der Temperaturmessung eine Toleranz von ca. 0,3° C gehabt, dass ist auf jeden Fall ein hervorragendes Ergebnis. Bei der billigen Chinaware hatte ich Toleranzen bis 5 °C was eindeutig zu viel ist.
Darum kann ich die Adafruit Sensoren bestens empfehlen, der etwas höhere Preis rentiert sicch in jedem Fall.

., 04.06.2018
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