Adafruit 0.56" 4-Digit 7-Segment Display w I2C Backpack - Red

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What's better than a single LED? Lots of LEDs! A fun way to make a small display is to use an 8x8 matrix or a 4-digit 7-segment display. Matrices like these are 'multiplexed' - so to control all the seven-segment LEDs you need 14 pins. That's a lot of pins, and there are driver chips like the MAX7219 that can control a matrix for you but there's a lot of wiring to set up and they take up a ton of space. Here at Adafruit we feel your pain! After all, wouldn't it be awesome if you could control a matrix without tons of wiring? That's where these adorable LED matrix backpacks come in. We have them in two flavors - a mini 8x8 and a 4-digit 0.56" 7-segment. They work perfectly with the matrices we stock in the Adafruit shop and make adding a bright little display trivial.

The matrices use a driver chip that does all the heavy lifting for you: They have a built in clock so they multiplex the display. They use constant-current drivers for ultra-bright, consistent color (the images above are photographed at the dimmest setting to avoid overloading our camera!), 1/16 step display dimming, all via a simple I2C interface. The backpacks come with address-selection jumpers so you can connect up to four mini 8x8's or eight 7-segments (or a combination, such as four mini 8x8's and four 7-segments, etc) on a single I2C bus.

The product kit comes with:

  • A fully tested and assembled LED backpack
  • Ultra-bright 4-digit 0.56" tall red seven-segment display
  • 4-pin header

A bit of soldering is required to attach the matrix onto the backpack but its very easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes.

Technical Details

This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit address between 0x70-0x77, selectable with jumpers

  • Backpack Dimensions: 27mm x 50mm x 4mm / 1.1" x 2" x 0.16"
  • Backpack Weight: 5.3g
  • 7-Segment Display Dimensions: 19mm x 50mm x 14mm / 0.75" x 2" x 0.56"
  • 7-Segment Display Weight: 8.4g

Datasheets, schematic, EagleCAD PCB files, and Fritzing available in the product tutorial

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5 von 5 Einfach anzusteuerndes Display, Helligkeit dimmbar. Display kann blinken. Stromverbrauch gering

Die Helligkeit ist in 15 Stufen 1-15 dimmbar. Digits sind einzeln ansteuer- und ausblendbar. Zum Ausblenden einfach einen (unerlaubten) Wert >15 hineinschreiben. So können führende Nullen unterdrückt werden. Das Display kann blinken. Die einzelnen Segmente sind sogar getrennt von einander ansteuerbar. Von Adafruit gibt es hierzu ausreichend Beispielprogramme, die sehr gut die Funktionen erklären. Eine kleine Ergänzung: Bei mir funktionierte der Befehl zur Helligkeitseinstellung setBrightness(brightness) nur, wenn ich ihn als matrix.setBrightness(brightness) eingab. Erfahrene Programmierer mögen mir diesen Hinweis verzeihen.

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