About SVV

From accelerated prototyping to low-volume manufacturing, our services cover everything a startup, corporate, and university needs to innovate and market launch. We specialize in product design, accelerated prototyping, validation testing, certification, and manufacturing. 

Founded in 2015 by three partners, Chadwick Xu, Tong Li, and Granite An, SVV is an umbrella corporation comprised of three core services, engineering, manufacturing and investment in the form of services. We work with startups, SMEs, corporations and universities from all over the world, providing a one-stop solution for all hardware product development needs.

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SVV's Engineering Services

SVV’s engineering service is invaluable to any hardware startup or corporate innovation team. Since our facilities are in-house, that means there are strict controls in place to protect intellectual property and ensure high quality. And we have ample office space, giving companies an open engineering environment to work and grow in.

Our process includes thorough design, electrical, mechanical and firmware engineering, reliability, pilot and safety testing, and more. Our engineering service ensures hardware products will be delivered to the consumer market with a high success rate.

SVV's Manufacturing Services

In Bantian, Shenzhen, SVV have built cutting edge facilities designed to support innovation and low volume manufacturing, with the option to scale depending on the product.

Unlike some contract manufacturers, we are able to sustain batch manufacturing runs while maintaining tier 1 supplier quality. Our facilities in Bantian cover roughly 70,000 SQF and have fully automated machinery, which helps ensure quality. Additionally, while many contract manufacturers in Shenzhen have a 1:50 engineer to worker ratio, at SVV, this ratio is close to 3:1. 

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