7pcs ZY-55 solderless mini Breadboard PCB circuitboard Testboard multicolor

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Technische Daten:

1. Model Nr.: ZY-55
2. hole number: 55 hole
3. Layer: the single side
4. The insulation material: plastic (ABS)
5. Thickness of insulating layer: routine
6. Strengthen materials: composite foundation
7. Color: White/ Black/Yellow/Red/Blue/Light Green/Dark Green
8. Size: 30x 20x 15mm
 It can be Recycled
The structure of the color is clear, easy to use
The bread plate can be according to the fixed unit assembly
Purpose: experiment, testing, robot, and has better effect to use with the mini bread plate.

1 x 7pcs Multicolored Mini Bread Board 55 Hole PCB Circuit Boards Welding Test Plate

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