Waveshare 7 inch 1024x600 Capacitive Touch screen LCD Display with stand-alone touch controller

Artikelnummer: WS40021

Hersteller Artikel Nr.: 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F)

Kategorie: Embedded Display

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7 inch 1024*600 Multicolor Graphic LCD, with capacitive touch screen and stand-alone touch controller

Key Parameters

RGB Interface Definition

External Dimension

7inch Resistive Touch LCD external dimension 

Development Resources

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/7inch_Capacitive_Touch_LCD_(F)


This item is compatible with and can be directly connected with the following product(s):

  • Open746I

The pinout is fully compatible with the following product(s):

  • 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D)
  • 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (E)
  • 10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D)

The pinout is partially compatible with the following product(s) (only the displaying pins):

  • 7inch Resistive Touch LCD
  • 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD

Selection Guide


Weight: 0.197 kg

  1. 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F) × 1
  2. 40-pin FFC (opposite sides contact) × 1

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