5,0" MIT Touchscreen MD050SD MCU Bus TFT LCD Display

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MD050SD adopts 8080 timing sequence with 16-bit parallel bus interface, resolution of 800 × 480, display panel with 16M colour and integrated with 8-page video memory (the remaining memory could be used as extended memory). The interior of module utilizes CPLD + SDRAM mode to drive RGB interface display, which does not only realize conversion between the bus interface and RGB interface, but also provides a range of useful features.

MD050SD adopts XPT2046 as touch screen controller. The XPT2046 is a 4-wire resistive touch screen controller that incorporates a 12-bit 125 kHz sampling SAR type A/D converter.
  • Mit Touchscreen
  • Display Mode: 5,0" TFT SPI Interface, Transmissive, Normally white 
  • Display Color: 262K colors
  • Backlight Type: LED
  • Resolution: 800W * 480H Dots
  • IC Driver: MD050SD (industry solution)
  • 5V/3.3V TTL logic Compatible, can be used in 5V/3.3V IO Arduino system directly

Applicable CPU: 51, AVR, STM32, PIC, MSP430, DSP, ARM , etc.

MD050SD 8080 Timing using 16bit parallel bus interface , resolution 800 × 480, 16M colours display panel. Integrated 8 -inch display ( memory could ever be used as extended memory ) . Inside the module using CPLD + SDRAM mode to drive RGB interface display, the bus interface and conversion between RGB interface also provides a range of useful features , specifically refer to the back of register descriptions and Demo program.

Job stability of the module with super anti-jamming capability , far beyond driven solutions on the market SSD1963 , SSD1963 interference poor, black and white with crash risk .

Functions, this module provides 8 memory can write data to achieve the background , a momentary toggle full screen display command data , far beyond the market RA8875 driver program.

Control MD050SD general TFT controller eliminates the cumbersome need initialization code , MD050SD need to initialize , just need to do a reset operation can begin work . Only need to use at least five stacker instruction can operate normally. Greatly simplifies the code , reducing the difficulty of debugging and error probability .

MD050SDThe fast response , the read and write cycles to achieve 200ns . Fastest achieve 13 frames in full screen refresh rate , integrated 8MB SDRAM display buffer corresponding to 8 . Showing page register read and write page register set independently , the currently displayed page and the page can be read different pages , facilitate the achievement of the background written, full page fast switching.

TFT driver timing and circuit design have been optimized to ensure accurate colour reduction, display a stable , flicker or eliminate channelling colour , and provides LED backlight driver , brightness from 0 ( closed ) to 16 ( full ) between regulation.

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                                                 Arduino Display
SKU Size Resolution LCD Interface Driver IC Outline Dimension(mm) Touch Panel Type
CP11020 1.44inch 128X128 SPI ILI9163C 32.36(W)x38(H) non-touch
CP11001 1.8inch 128X160 SPI ST7735S 50(W)x34(H) non-touch
CP11018 1.8inch 128X160 SPI ST7735 53.5(W)x45(H) non-touch
CP11002 2.2inch 240X320 SPI ILI9341 61(W)x40(H) non-touch
CP11019 2.2inch 176X220 SPI ILI9225 62(W)x41.5(H) non-touch
CP11003 2.4inch 240X320 parallel ILI9341 72(W)x55(H) resistive
CP11004 2.4inch 240X320 parallel ILI9341 72(W)x55(H) non-touch
CP11023 2.4inch 240X320 SPI ILI9341 75.5(W) x41.5(H) resistive
CP11025 2.6inch 320X240 parallel HX8347D 78.2(W)×52.7(H) resistive
CP11005 2.8inch 240X320 parallel ILI9325 84.5(W)x60.7(H) resistive
CP11024 2.8inch 320X240 parallel ILI9341 78.2(W)x52.7(H) resistive
CP11022 3.0inch 480X320 parallel HX8357C 90(W) x 54.3(H) non-touch
CP11017 3.2inch 240X320 parallel ILI9341 94(W)x64(H) resistive
CP11007 4.3inch 480X272 parallel SSD1963 118(W)x75(H) resistive
CP11008 4.3inch 480X272 parallel SSD1963 118(W)x75(H) non-touch
CP11009 5.0inch 800X480 parallel SSD1963 133(W)x83(H) resistive
CP11010 5.0inch 800X480 parallel SSD1963 133(W)x83(H) non-touch
CP11011 5.0inch 800X480 parallel MD050SD 133(W)x83(H) resistive
CP11012 5.0inch 800X480 parallel MD050SD 133(W)x83(H) non-touch
CP11013 7.0inch 800X480 parallel SSD1963 180(W)x107(H) resistive
CP11014 7.0inch 800X480 parallel SSD1963 180(W)x107(H) non-touch
CP11015 7.0inch 800X480 parallel MD070SD 180(W)x107(H) resistive
CP11016 7.0inch 800X480 parallel MD070SD 180(W)x107(H) non-touch


 1 x   5,0" Serial TFT LCD Modul with Touchscreen

Thema: Arduino
Größe: 5,0 inch
Touchscreen: resistive
Interface: Parallel
Auflösung: 800 X 480
Artikelgewicht: 0,12 Kg

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