12V Soil Moisture Sensor Controller Module Automatic watering

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1.Using the company's high-quality soil sensors to detect soil moisture , the surface of nickel plated , has widened the induction area can improve conductivity, prevent contact with the soil rust problems and prolong life ; 
2.When two products can control a wide range of soil moisture , the corresponding threshold by adjusting potentiometer control , humidity is below the set value, start relay , while higher than the set value, the relay is disconnected ; 
3.Products with the delay function , delay of 3-5 seconds , when the humidity is detected in the critical state, the relay will not blink , flicker occurs ; 
4.High-quality products using Songle relay can withstand 1500W load , to meet the requirements of most people ; 
5.Products with power indicator and relay instructions.
Technische Daten: 
Supply voltage: 12VDC  Input Current : more than 100ma 

Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC ( below current in this range can be used) 
Module Anwendung: 
1 sensor for detecting moisture in the soil ; 
2 module is the blue potentiometer to adjust the threshold for soil moisture , clockwise adjustment, control humidity will be bigger, smaller counter-clockwise ; 
3 due to the module with delay function in the regulation of humidity values , adjusted once every 5-8 seconds to wait around to see if changes in the relay , the green LED lights also have a corresponding change until transferred to meet the requirement. 
4 Product wiring information, refer to the picture below.

1x Soil moisture sensor control module 
2x 20cm DuPont line 

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