10pcs 3 Port Cable Connector PCT-213 Lever Terminal Block for 0.08-2.5 4.0 mm² wire

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1. Easy to install, without tool.

2. Use insulated flame retardant material and stainless steel circlip,which ensures that wire connections will never fall off.

3. Resists dust and moisture.

4. Excellent current carrying capacity.


Max voltage: 400V

Max current: 32A

Impulse voltage withstand: 4KV

Stripping length: 9-11mm

Material: Plastic

Size: ca. 21 x 17 x 14.5mm

can be used for soft and hard wire:

Use direction:


10pcs x 3 Port Cable Connector PCT-213 Lever Terminal Block for 0.08-2.5(4.0)mm2 wire

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